Frequently Asked Questions
How old must you be to get in?

You must be at least 18 to enter and 21 to purchase alcohol. Anyone ordering alcohol will be asked for ID. We accept, drivers' license, passport, state or federal provided identification.


When do we start seating for the show?

 One hour prior to show time. 


What are your show times?

 Winter show times are 8:00pm Wednesday & Thursday, 8:00pm and 10:30pm Friday and Saturday.  Summer show times are 8pm Thursday, 8:00pm and 10:30pm Friday and Saturday.  Showtimes are subject to change.


How long do your shows normally last?

The shows normally run 1 ½ hours to 2 hours.


Do I have to make Reservations?

No, but reservations are strongly suggested and necessary for the best seats. Please attempt to arrive at the club around at least 30 minutes prior to show time if you have called and made reservations. This way we can give those parties preferred seating on the main floor of our showroom.


Can I purchase tickets ahead of time?

Yes, on most shows you can purchase tickets via our web site. Go to our event calendar and select the show you want and select "Purchase Tickets". Depending on the performance, on line tickets may be limited of when and how many tickets are available. This service is done via, they are an independent ticketing company similar to Ticket Master. Your transactions are secure via Etixs. You can also purchase tickets through our box office; some minimal fees apply to these services.


What is your address?

2900 North East St. Lansing, MI 48906

5319 Heatherdowns Blvd. Toledo, Oh 43614


Has anyone ever gotten pregnant at one of your shows?

Not to our knowledge! (Arrangements can be made however)


How much do your tickets cost?

Wednesday & Thursday show tickets are normally $8 or with a College ID they’re half price. Friday & Saturday show tickets are normally $12 to $15. (Special shows may be different and we run specials from time to time) All ticket prices are subject to change but not as often as gas prices!


Do you do anything for Birthdays or special events?

If you show your ID at the door and your birthday is within that week of the show you are attending, you will get in for free. You will also receive a birthday coupon which entitles you to $2.00 birthday drinks. This includes domestic bottles & pints and well liquors. Not valid for special events.


Are you a smoking or non-smoking establishment?

Yes this is a FREE country but you can not smoke by law!


Must we have two alcoholic beverages?

No, we do have a 29 drink maximum though! 

Do you have any specials for students?

Yes, our Wednesday and Thursday shows are half price with a student ID. This does not include special shows.


Do you have an Open Mic night?

We do have a local showcase on Wednesdays at 8pm put on by a local troupe called the Public Offenders. However the Public Offenders handle all bookings for said shows. So stop by have a drink and maybe get some stage time.


Why can't we use passes or coupons on "Special Shows"?

Because we said so! Just kidding, special shows typically come at a special price. Generally the ticket prices are set by the entertainer's agent/manager under contract and we must follow the contract.


What are Convenience Fee's and do we have to pay them if we purchase tickets through your box office?

Convenience fee's are fees Etix charges for handling all of our ticketing and box office. These fees cover equipment and labor, software etc and they suck. We hate fees as much as you do but it costs money for secure web sites that protect your personal information. Etix charge the least amount and provide just as good of service as Ticket Master! When you purchase tickets through our box office we are using Etix systems too!


We came to see one act and another act was performing, why?

There are many reasons this can happen. Comedians get sick too! They have transportation problems (remember the last time you flew somewhere?), we cancelled one act to bring in another to accommodate schedules for special shows. Because we book so far in advance many of these things can happen; rest assured we will always maintain a quality professional show.


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