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April 2014
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Kevin Kramis

He performs over 45 weeks per year in clubs, colleges, and Concerts. Kevin also writes material for a number of comedians. He is a young comics with universal appeal, with stage presense and off-be...
Thu, Apr 24 8:00 PM

Carlos Mencia - Special Show

Carlos Mencia became very well known because of his stellar success with "The Mind of Mencia" on Comedy Central. Carlos got his start in comedy at the Laugh Factory. By the time his career began to ta...

Credits: Comedy Central,
Fri, Apr 25 8:00 PM Fri, Apr 25 10:30 PM Sat, Apr 26 8:00 PM Sat, Apr 26 10:30 PM
May 2014

Ricky Reyes

Ricky hits the stage like a technician. He uses the microphone, the stage, and his voice like an F-14 fighter pilot, dropping his point of view like sidewinders and sparrow missiles on unsuspecting c...
Thu, May 01 8:00 PM Fri, May 02 8:00 PM Fri, May 02 10:30 PM Sat, May 03 8:00 PM Sat, May 03 10:30 PM

AJ Finney

Earning himself a spot as a finalist in HBO’s Lucky 21 competition, A.J. Finney is quickly becoming recognized for his explosive personality and uncanny logic. He performed at the Las Vegas Comedy Fes...
Thu, May 08 8:00 PM Fri, May 09 8:00 PM Fri, May 09 10:30 PM Sat, May 10 8:00 PM Sat, May 10 10:30 PM

Mike Stanley

Wry, witty, cunning, & crass. Hot-shot comedian Mike Stanley is all of these things, but none, when put on paper, quite manage to serve the justice dealt by Stanley onstage. Yeah, he’s pretty hilariou...
Thu, May 15 8:00 PM Fri, May 16 8:00 PM Fri, May 16 10:30 PM Sat, May 17 8:00 PM Sat, May 17 10:30 PM

Ryan Singer

Ryan’s debut album was recently selected by Punchline Magazine as one of the Top 10 Comedy CD’s of 2010. He was one of 4 finalist in CMT’s Next Big Comic Contest, been heard on XM/Sirius Satellite Ra...
Thu, May 22 8:00 PM Fri, May 23 8:00 PM Fri, May 23 10:30 PM Sat, May 24 8:00 PM Sat, May 24 10:30 PM
Kevin Kramis
Thu, Apr 24 8:00 PM

Carlos Mencia
Fri, Apr 25 8:00 PM


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