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January 2014

Scott Long

Welcome to a Reality Show on-stage. Scott Long shares his story of how quickly life can go from urban hipster to suburban dipster, when you become a father of twins at 40. While many have left to chas...
Thu, Jan 30 8:00 PM Fri, Jan 31 8:00 PM Fri, Jan 31 10:30 PM Sat, Feb 01 8:00 PM Sat, Feb 01 10:30 PM
February 2014

Red Grant - Special Show

Some of his most recent accomplishments are Comedy Central Present "Red Grant" (half hour special), American Hustle which he starred next to Katt Williams, First Sunday, Martin Lawrence First Amendmen...

Credits: HBO, Comedy Central,
Wed, Feb 05 8:00 PM

Jarrod Harris

Over 20 million people have seen Jarrod’s popular Action Figure Therapy characters and most recently the series was named LA Weekly’s “Top Comic To Watch in 2012?. His character Jungle was also featu...

Credits: Comedy Central,
Thu, Feb 06 8:00 PM Fri, Feb 07 8:00 PM Fri, Feb 07 10:30 PM Sat, Feb 08 8:00 PM Sat, Feb 08 10:30 PM

Kris Shaw

It may just be a live microphone in a small spotlight, but when Kris Shaw steps up to it, the experience is unlike anything you’ve come to expect from stand up comedy. Kris is a storyteller who, wi...
Thu, Feb 13 8:00 PM Fri, Feb 14 8:00 PM Fri, Feb 14 10:30 PM Sat, Feb 15 8:00 PM Sat, Feb 15 10:30 PM

Dustin Diamond - Special Show

An uproariously funny comedian, Dustin Diamond is famous for his zany, high-energy performances. Dustin became internationally known as the humorous “Screech” character on NBC's Saved by the Bell....
Thu, Feb 20 8:00 PM Fri, Feb 21 8:00 PM Fri, Feb 21 10:30 PM Sat, Feb 22 8:00 PM Sat, Feb 22 10:30 PM

Patrick Garrity

Patrick Garrity is comedic composer who has orchestrated symphonies of laughter with a versatility on stage that makes him an easy fit for any audience. Starting Comedy at an early age, Patrick has de...
Thu, Feb 27 8:00 PM Fri, Feb 28 8:00 PM Fri, Feb 28 10:30 PM Sat, Mar 01 8:00 PM Sat, Mar 01 10:30 PM
March 2014

Paul Mooney - Special Show

Mooney became a ringmaster with the Gatti-Charles Circus. During his stint as ringmaster, he always found himself writing comedy and telling jokes, which would later help Mooney land his first profess...
Wed, Mar 05 8:00 PM

Bill Bushart

"A bitter pill to swallow" is how Bill Bushart describes his brand of humor. The self-proclaimed King of Detroit Blue Comedy, was influenced by comedy greats Don Rickles, Richard Pryor and Bobby S...
Thu, Mar 06 8:00 PM Fri, Mar 07 8:00 PM Fri, Mar 07 10:30 PM Sat, Mar 08 8:00 PM Sat, Mar 08 10:30 PM

Mike Merryfield

Mike brings his unique style and likeability to comedy clubs and corporate events across America. His exposure to comedy and life on many different levels has allowed him to develop a refreshingly new...
Thu, Mar 13 8:00 PM Fri, Mar 14 8:00 PM Fri, Mar 14 10:30 PM Sat, Mar 15 8:00 PM Sat, Mar 15 10:30 PM

Fred Potter

Voted as class clown in High School, Fred has developed his own style of comedy which audiences can truely enjoy as entertainment. His show is filled with quick wit that eveyone can relate to whether...
Thu, Mar 20 8:00 PM

Steve-O - Special Show

Steve-O (a.k.a. Stephen Glover) has become a household name and it all started when he snatched a video camera from his father's closet when he was fifteen years old. From there he started producing ...
Fri, Mar 21 8:00 PM
Sold Out
Fri, Mar 21 10:30 PM
Sold Out
Sat, Mar 22 8:00 PM
Sold Out
Sat, Mar 22 10:30 PM
Sold Out

Dwayne Gill

Dwayne’s topics range from current events, men and women relationships to the crazy situations he’s encountered as a police officer. As an actor, Dwayne has appeared in the ABC crime drama Detroit 1-8...
Thu, Mar 27 8:00 PM

Al Jackson

Al Jackson is a Los Angeles-based stand-up comedian, writer, and TV/radio personality best known for his 30-minute “Comedy Central Presents: Al Jackson” special, and for his role as host of the BAFTA-...

Credits: Comedy Central,
Fri, Mar 28 8:00 PM Fri, Mar 28 10:30 PM Sat, Mar 29 8:00 PM Sat, Mar 29 10:30 PM
April 2014

Gary Owen - Special Show

Owen joined the cast of Tyler Perry’s extremely successful HOUSE OF PAYNE. Perry met Owen on the Tom Joyner Morning Show (on which Owen is a regular) and immediately knowing he wanted to work with him...
Wed, Apr 02 8:00 PM

Julie Scoggins

She’s a 6’2 southern, motorcycle ridin’, ex-trucker, charm school graduate & semi-finalist on the reality show, “Survivor”! Warning: Don’t take a drink until after the punch line!...
Thu, Apr 03 8:00 PM Fri, Apr 04 8:00 PM Fri, Apr 04 10:30 PM Sat, Apr 05 8:00 PM Sat, Apr 05 10:30 PM

Dave Landau

With hilarious face-paced jokes combined with a laid back style Dave Landau has an act you're sure to enjoy. He has appeared on Comedy Central's "Live at Gotham," 3 seasons of NBC's "Last Comic Standi...
Thu, Apr 10 8:00 PM Fri, Apr 11 8:00 PM Fri, Apr 11 10:30 PM Sat, Apr 12 8:00 PM Sat, Apr 12 10:30 PM

Scott White

Scott White has has traveled all over the world doing comedy. He has entertained the troops in Iraq, Japan, Korea and Guam. He has also been part of the Detroit, Manchester and New Orleans comedy fe...
Thu, Apr 17 8:00 PM Fri, Apr 18 8:00 PM Fri, Apr 18 10:30 PM Sat, Apr 19 8:00 PM Sat, Apr 19 10:30 PM

Kevin Kramis

He performs over 45 weeks per year in clubs, colleges, and Concerts. Kevin also writes material for a number of comedians. He is a young comics with universal appeal, with stage presense and off-be...
Thu, Apr 24 8:00 PM

Carlos Mencia - Special Show

Carlos Mencia became very well known because of his stellar success with "The Mind of Mencia" on Comedy Central. Carlos got his start in comedy at the Laugh Factory. By the time his career began to ta...

Credits: Comedy Central,
Fri, Apr 25 8:00 PM Fri, Apr 25 10:30 PM Sat, Apr 26 8:00 PM Sat, Apr 26 10:30 PM
May 2014

Ricky Reyes

Ricky hits the stage like a technician. He uses the microphone, the stage, and his voice like an F-14 fighter pilot, dropping his point of view like sidewinders and sparrow missiles on unsuspecting c...
Thu, May 01 8:00 PM Fri, May 02 8:00 PM Fri, May 02 10:30 PM Sat, May 03 8:00 PM Sat, May 03 10:30 PM

AJ Finney

Earning himself a spot as a finalist in HBO’s Lucky 21 competition, A.J. Finney is quickly becoming recognized for his explosive personality and uncanny logic. He performed at the Las Vegas Comedy Fes...
Thu, May 08 8:00 PM Fri, May 09 8:00 PM Fri, May 09 10:30 PM Sat, May 10 8:00 PM Sat, May 10 10:30 PM

Mike Stanley

Wry, witty, cunning, & crass. Hot-shot comedian Mike Stanley is all of these things, but none, when put on paper, quite manage to serve the justice dealt by Stanley onstage. Yeah, he’s pretty hilariou...
Thu, May 15 8:00 PM Fri, May 16 8:00 PM Fri, May 16 10:30 PM Sat, May 17 8:00 PM Sat, May 17 10:30 PM

Ryan Singer

Ryan’s debut album was recently selected by Punchline Magazine as one of the Top 10 Comedy CD’s of 2010. He was one of 4 finalist in CMT’s Next Big Comic Contest, been heard on XM/Sirius Satellite Ra...
Thu, May 22 8:00 PM Fri, May 23 8:00 PM Fri, May 23 10:30 PM Sat, May 24 8:00 PM Sat, May 24 10:30 PM
Scott White
Thu, Apr 17 8:00 PM

Kevin Kramis
Thu, Apr 24 8:00 PM


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