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December 2012
November 2012

Tim Kidd

Pack up the babies, Grab the old ladies, Everyone goes...because from Louisville, Kentucky comes the charming hooligan, Tim Kidd. Easily described as a monkey with ADHD, who needs his Ritalin, a n...
Thu, Nov 29 8:00 PM Fri, Nov 30 8:00 PM Fri, Nov 30 10:30 PM Sat, Dec 01 8:00 PM Sat, Dec 01 10:30 PM
December 2012

Al Jackson

Al Jackson is a Los Angeles-based stand-up comedian, writer, and TV/radio personality best known for his 30-minute “Comedy Central Presents: Al Jackson” special, and for his role as host of the BAFTA-...

Credits: Comedy Central,
Thu, Dec 06 8:00 PM Fri, Dec 07 8:00 PM Fri, Dec 07 10:30 PM Sat, Dec 08 8:00 PM Sat, Dec 08 10:30 PM

THR 301 - Special Show

Thirty-six talented students from the MSU Department of Theatre take to the stage for their shining moment in the stand-up spotlight at the conclusion of their semester-long immersion in the craft of ...
Sun, Dec 09 6:00 PM

Mike Baldwin

If you want to have a great time at a comedy show, be sure that Mike Baldwin is performing! He's considered by many to be one of the smartest, funniest, and most likable comics working the road toda...
Thu, Dec 13 8:00 PM Fri, Dec 14 8:00 PM Fri, Dec 14 10:30 PM Sat, Dec 15 8:00 PM Sat, Dec 15 10:30 PM

Steve Iott

Steve Iott is an embattled veteran comic who has seen it all, and has plenty to say about it. He does comedy without the aid of props, mirrors, or sleight-of-hand camera tricks. Known as a master of...
Thu, Dec 20 8:00 PM Fri, Dec 21 8:00 PM Fri, Dec 21 10:30 PM Sat, Dec 22 8:00 PM Sat, Dec 22 10:30 PM

Alex Ortiz

Former Soldier, Nurse, Firefighter Is the One Of the Most Sought after Headliners in the country, With Multiple TV Appearances and Stages all over the Country. Alex is what Club Owners and Promoters c...
Thu, Dec 27 8:00 PM Fri, Dec 28 8:00 PM Fri, Dec 28 10:30 PM Sat, Dec 29 8:00 PM Sat, Dec 29 10:30 PM
January 2013

Ryan Dalton

Ryan's comedy has led him to regular appearances in the country's best comedy clubs. Ryan is a regular the nationally syndicated, "Bob and Tom Radio Show". His 1st comedy album, You Were Funny Too is...
Thu, Jan 03 8:00 PM Fri, Jan 04 8:00 PM Fri, Jan 04 10:30 PM Sat, Jan 05 8:00 PM Sat, Jan 05 10:30 PM

Tommy Thompson

Tommy Thompson has a brand of comedy that is as unique as he is. His emphatic delivery and high energy makes him fun to see time and again. He dishes out the comedy laughs with a distinct style that w...
Thu, Jan 10 8:00 PM Sat, Jan 12 8:00 PM Sat, Jan 12 10:30 PM

Pauly Shore - Special Show

Pauly Shore is best known for the films, ENCINO MAN, SON-IN-LAW, IN THE ARMY NOW, JURY DUTY and BIO-DOME and well as the popular MTV Series, TOTALLY PAULY. He also produced, wrote, directed and starr...

Credits: HBO, Tonight Show,
Fri, Jan 11 8:00 PM Fri, Jan 11 10:30 PM

Luke Francis

Originally from Glasgow, Scotland, Luke now resides in Hollywood, CA where he is a regular at The world famous Comedy Store. In 2011 his extensive international touring and local performances got him ...
Thu, Jan 17 8:00 PM Fri, Jan 18 8:00 PM Fri, Jan 18 10:30 PM Sat, Jan 19 8:00 PM Sat, Jan 19 10:30 PM

Dave Dyer

David Dyer has been doing stand-up for over seventeen years. He’s appeared on the nationally syndicated “Bob and Tom Show” as well as their television show on WGN America. He’s a contributing writer ...
Thu, Jan 24 8:00 PM

Carlos Mencia - Special Show

Carlos Mencia became very well known because of his stellar success with "The Mind of Mencia" on Comedy Central. Carlos got his start in comedy at the Laugh Factory. By the time his career began to ta...

Credits: Comedy Central,
Fri, Jan 25 8:00 PM Fri, Jan 25 10:30 PM Sat, Jan 26 8:00 PM Sat, Jan 26 10:30 PM

Committed to Comedy

Popular demand brings open mic back to Wednesday nights! Committed to Comedy Open Mic Night at Connxtions Comedy Club is a night of immoral self-indulgence and boisterous fun featuring the best up...
Wed, Jan 30 8:00 PM

Issues & Ale: "What is Preschool Worth?"

How valuable is early education to children in Michigan and how do we pay for it? Join Michigan Radio’s Jennifer White and a panel of experts for a discussion of early childhood education in Michigan....
Thu, Jan 31 6:30 PM

Rob Haney

Rob Haney uses gentle recognition humor about parents and kids delivered in a winning, warm manner – similar to Andy Rooney. This stand-up comedian turns the trivialities of everyday life into the ki...
Thu, Jan 31 9:00 PM Fri, Feb 01 8:00 PM Fri, Feb 01 10:30 PM Sat, Feb 02 8:00 PM Sat, Feb 02 10:30 PM
February 2013

Committed to Comedy

Popular demand brings open mic back to Wednesday nights! Committed to Comedy Open Mic Night at Connxtions Comedy Club is a night of immoral self-indulgence and boisterous fun featuring the best up...
Wed, Feb 06 8:00 PM Wed, Feb 13 8:00 PM Wed, Feb 20 8:00 PM Wed, Feb 27 8:00 PM

Brian McCree

Don’t forget the name because you’ll be screaming it in the morning! This comedic act will astound you with his astute observations on life which are on the edge and simply hilarious. Bryan has been s...

Credits: Comedy Central,
Thu, Feb 07 8:00 PM

Nick Gaza

Nick Gaza is one Sick and Twisted bastard . His act is a mixture of true stories and things we can only hope and pray aren't true.But if your the kind of person who laughs at things you know you shoul...
Fri, Feb 08 8:00 PM Fri, Feb 08 10:30 PM Sat, Feb 09 8:00 PM Sat, Feb 09 10:30 PM

Bill Bushart

"A bitter pill to swallow" is how Bill Bushart describes his brand of humor. The self-proclaimed King of Detroit Blue Comedy, was influenced by comedy greats Don Rickles, Richard Pryor and Bobby S...
Thu, Feb 14 8:00 PM Fri, Feb 15 8:00 PM Fri, Feb 15 10:30 PM Sat, Feb 16 8:00 PM Sat, Feb 16 10:30 PM

Brian McKim

Brian McKim is a writer and professional standup comic who has performed in all 50 states! He has appeared on numerous TV shows including "Evening at the Improv," "Into the Night" and "Star Search....
Thu, Feb 21 8:00 PM Fri, Feb 22 8:00 PM Fri, Feb 22 10:30 PM Sat, Feb 23 8:00 PM Sat, Feb 23 10:30 PM

Mike Bonner

Mike Bonner has appeared numerous times on the BET network on "Comic View". He was invited to perform at the HBO Aspen Comedy Festival and, in 2001, Mike was the grand prize winner of the Bay Area Com...
Thu, Feb 28 8:00 PM Fri, Mar 01 8:00 PM Fri, Mar 01 10:30 PM Sat, Mar 02 8:00 PM Sat, Mar 02 10:30 PM
March 2013

Patrick Garrity

Patrick Garrity is comedic composer who has orchestrated symphonies of laughter with a versatility on stage that makes him an easy fit for any audience. Starting Comedy at an early age, Patrick has de...
Thu, Mar 07 8:00 PM Fri, Mar 08 8:00 PM Fri, Mar 08 10:30 PM Sat, Mar 09 8:00 PM
Sold Out
Sat, Mar 09 10:30 PM

Nathan Timmel

When but six years old, Nathan spied an album cover of a man picking his nose and, thinking it funny, he asked his sweet but confused grandmother into buying it for him. The record was George Carlin's...
Thu, Mar 14 8:00 PM Fri, Mar 15 8:00 PM Fri, Mar 15 10:30 PM Sat, Mar 16 8:00 PM
Sold Out
Sat, Mar 16 10:30 PM

Brian Aldridge

Brian performs comedy with engaging energy and a wholesome likeability. His charm and vulnerability win over audiences instantly. Using stimulating set-ups and blindsided punch lines, he keeps you gue...
Thu, Mar 21 8:00 PM Fri, Mar 22 8:00 PM Fri, Mar 22 10:30 PM Sat, Mar 23 8:00 PM Sat, Mar 23 10:30 PM

Ron Feingold

Ron Feingold has been a professional touring comedian for 21 years entertaining with his unique "Comedy A Cappella" Show where he combines stand-up comedy and a cappella music by performing all of the...
Thu, Mar 28 8:00 PM Fri, Mar 29 8:00 PM Fri, Mar 29 10:30 PM Sat, Mar 30 8:00 PM Sat, Mar 30 10:30 PM
Scott White
Thu, Apr 17 8:00 PM

Kevin Kramis
Thu, Apr 24 8:00 PM


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