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May 2013

Mike Armstrong

From Bob & Tom radio, one of our most requested comedians. Mike has recently appeared on a Comedy Central Special. He’s an ex-cop - the kind of cop that most people hope for when they get pulled ov...
Thu, May 02 8:00 PM Fri, May 03 8:00 PM Fri, May 03 10:30 PM Sat, May 04 8:00 PM Sat, May 04 10:30 PM

Ricky Reyes

Ricky hits the stage like a technician. He uses the microphone, the stage, and his voice like an F-14 fighter pilot, dropping his point of view like sidewinders and sparrow missiles on unsuspecting c...
Thu, May 09 8:00 PM Fri, May 10 8:00 PM Fri, May 10 10:30 PM Sat, May 11 8:00 PM Sat, May 11 10:30 PM

Saints 'n Sinners

"The Saints and Sinners Comedy" tour is a two man, adult themed, stand-up comedy show that mixes the mainstream, working man’s material of Matthew Lumpkin with the eccentric, ego boosted, flair of Pat...
Thu, May 16 8:00 PM Fri, May 17 8:00 PM Fri, May 17 10:30 PM Sat, May 18 8:00 PM Sat, May 18 10:30 PM

John Bush

John’s rock solid comedy show covers it all. From his childhood relocation from Hawaii to Minnesota to his UFO sighting in New York City, this thrill ride is filled with rich characters, spot-on impre...

Credits: HBO,
Thu, May 23 8:00 PM Fri, May 24 8:00 PM Fri, May 24 10:30 PM Sat, May 25 8:00 PM Sat, May 25 10:30 PM

Mike Smith

One of the "most diverse" comedians in comedy, Mike Smith is on his way to becoming "one of America's best up & coming comics!" His gritty take on politics, coupled with his unabashed courage to take...
Thu, May 30 8:00 PM Fri, May 31 8:00 PM Fri, May 31 10:30 PM Sat, Jun 01 8:00 PM Sat, Jun 01 10:30 PM
June 2013

Roy Haber

Fan's rave of his wit and edge, as well as the relevance of his humor in today's "Patriot Act" society. Some say his style of comedy goes beyond the "accepted psychology of the time." But all who have...
Thu, Jun 06 8:00 PM Fri, Jun 07 8:00 PM Fri, Jun 07 10:30 PM Sat, Jun 08 8:00 PM Sat, Jun 08 10:30 PM

Chris Killian

Chris grew up outside of Nashville TN, & nothing came easy for him. He was a small guy with big dreams, but lucky for you, none of those dreams materialized, so he decided to pursue stand-up comedy. A...
Thu, Jun 13 8:00 PM Fri, Jun 14 8:00 PM Fri, Jun 14 10:30 PM Sat, Jun 15 8:00 PM Sat, Jun 15 10:30 PM

Paul Strickland

Though Paul is mostly unimpressed with the world around him, his annoyance never translates into "staged angst" - in fact, it's obvious that he is most happy when transforming a world filled with frus...
Thu, Jun 20 8:00 PM Fri, Jun 21 8:00 PM Fri, Jun 21 10:30 PM Sat, Jun 22 8:00 PM Sat, Jun 22 10:30 PM

Matt McClowry

Matt McClowry always wanted to be one of two things: a stand up comic, or a professional wrestler. Be glad he chose the former. Matt's talent is truly unique; he was diagnosed at an early age with Asp...
Thu, Jun 27 8:00 PM Fri, Jun 28 8:00 PM Fri, Jun 28 10:30 PM Sat, Jun 29 8:00 PM Sat, Jun 29 10:30 PM
July 2013

Mike Brody

Mike Brody brings a high-energy delivery to a sharply observed act that traces his autobiographical odyssey from small-town Iowa through college life, sobriety, adventures into the paranormal, and a c...

Credits: Comedy Central,
Thu, Jul 11 8:00 PM Fri, Jul 12 8:00 PM Fri, Jul 12 10:30 PM Sat, Jul 13 8:00 PM Sat, Jul 13 10:30 PM

Mike Bobbitt

Mike Bobbitt got his start in entertainment in the early 90’s working in both radio and television. He was a hit at the former 106.1 the Zephyr in New Orleans, Louisiana and produced Cable Ace nominat...
Thu, Jul 18 8:00 PM Fri, Jul 19 8:00 PM Fri, Jul 19 10:30 PM Sat, Jul 20 8:00 PM Sat, Jul 20 10:30 PM

LA Hardy

L.A.'s comedy is reality based about events that have taken place in his life or could happen in yours. A young dad with a strong family base of operations in Las Vegas and Los Angeles, he headlines r...
Thu, Jul 25 8:00 PM Fri, Jul 26 8:00 PM Fri, Jul 26 10:30 PM Sat, Jul 27 8:00 PM Sat, Jul 27 10:30 PM
August 2013

Tommy Savitt

Tommy Savitt has entertained audiences all over the world, playing Carnegie Hall, Caroline's on Broadway, and appearing in a variety of commericals and stage performances. Tommy splits his time betwee...
Thu, Aug 01 8:00 PM Fri, Aug 02 8:00 PM Fri, Aug 02 10:30 PM Sat, Aug 03 8:00 PM Sat, Aug 03 10:30 PM

Jeremy Greenberg

Jeremy Greenberg is an internationally headlining stand-up comedian, author, blogger, and joke writer. He has appeared on numerous national TV and radio shows, and has done five overseas tours to perf...
Thu, Aug 08 8:00 PM Fri, Aug 09 8:00 PM Fri, Aug 09 10:30 PM Sat, Aug 10 8:00 PM Sat, Aug 10 10:30 PM

Dave Dyer

David Dyer has been doing stand-up for over seventeen years. He’s appeared on the nationally syndicated “Bob and Tom Show” as well as their television show on WGN America. He’s a contributing writer ...
Thu, Aug 15 8:00 PM Fri, Aug 16 8:00 PM Fri, Aug 16 10:30 PM Sat, Aug 17 8:00 PM Sat, Aug 17 10:30 PM

Paul Hooper

Name one comic who can hit the stage like an atom bomb and keep the audience exploding with laughter even after he's gone.. that's right, it's Paul Hooper. Known for kicking the feet out from undernea...
Thu, Aug 22 8:00 PM Fri, Aug 23 8:00 PM Fri, Aug 23 10:30 PM Sat, Aug 24 8:00 PM Sat, Aug 24 10:30 PM

Michael Malone

Michael Malone takes many forms on stage, his intense yet worried persona consistently makes him a crowd favorite. He stands out from his peers with his rubber face, energy, sarcasm and wildly imagina...
Thu, Aug 29 8:00 PM Fri, Aug 30 8:00 PM Fri, Aug 30 10:30 PM Sat, Aug 31 8:00 PM Sat, Aug 31 10:30 PM
Scott White
Fri, Apr 18 8:00 PM

Kevin Kramis
Thu, Apr 24 8:00 PM


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