Mark Sweeney - 8:00 PM

Lansing, MI - Thursday, November 8, 2012

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Mark Sweeney, a.k.a., Sweenz, was the oldest of six children born to your textbook case of heavy breeding, Irish Catholic parents. His first suspension was in the 1st grade, when he threw a robin’s egg at a classmate. Thus, started the beginning of the "look at me" syndrome. Most of the grade school years were spent sitting in the hall, alone, perfecting and weaving his craft…to an imaginary crowd.

In January of 1989 he went on stage for open mic and forever changed his destiny. Mark quit his job after five minutes on stage and went on the road for the next eight years. Then, like many comedians, he moved to LA to pursue an acting career. After spending five years on the coast he did episodes of The Visitor, Boston Public and Days of Our Lives, all roles were that of a policeman. He also had roles in several major motion pictures and assorted independent films. He has also been a member of several improv and sketch groups. Finally, realizing there was more fun and future in the world of stand-up, he left LA and is back in the Midwest doing comedy full time.

Also appearing Sal Demilio and Gerrit Elzinga


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