Rob Haney - 8:00 PM

Lansing, MI - Friday, February 1, 2013

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Rob Haney uses gentle recognition humor about parents and kids delivered in a winning, warm manner – similar to Andy Rooney. This stand-up comedian turns the trivialities of everyday life into the kind of humor that touches the common thread in all of us. He laughs at life, but the audience is laughing the hardest.

Rob has appeared with such stars as the Smothers Brothers, Neil Sedaka and Leon Russell.

His television credits include "Live Laugh Tracks," "Braun & Company," "Summer Nights," "Friday at Ten," "Stand-up America," "Night Shift," "Wise Guys Tonight," "Comic Relief '90 Regional Breakfast," "KC Comedy Night" and "Showtime Comedy Club Network."

Also appearing Jamie Ward and Derek Bartlett


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