Rob Holloway - 8:00 PM

Toledo, OH - Thursday, December 20, 2012

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If you think all stand-up comedians are the same, Rob Holloway will convince you otherwise. Originally from North Carolina, Rob exudes warmth and Southern like-ability. A maestro of sound effects and dead-on impressions of celebrities and characters, Rob creates a show that is full of energy and a delight to watch. An evening with him is an evening you’ll never forget. Rob Holloway’s comedy is for people who expect more meat on the comedy bone. Hilarious stand-up interspersed with right-on/non augmented sound effects and dead-on impersonations keep audiences clamoring for more. Rob’s high-energy style has not subsided even after 20 years on the comedy circuit and he’s been sharing stages with known greats since his very start.

Also appearing Larry XL


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