Road Rage Comedy Tour - 8:00 PM

Toledo, OH - Thursday, May 2, 2013

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George Gallo is one of those performers that keeps his audiences riveted because they don’t want to miss a thing. Whether he is performing on stage, or directing / producing / acting in a video short, he is an entertainer to the very core.
George began “performing” as early as the fourth grade, and says by the seventh grade even his teachers took notice. One teacher even went so far as to take George around where he impersonated all of the teachers in the school – and kept them all laughing while he did it. He was in fact voted "Most Humorous" by his high school class, but it was his talent for mimicry that has evolved into an uncanny ability to reproduce an exact sound, voice, or character.

Long Island born and raised, Terry McNeely could easily earn the title of “Crass Critic to the Suburban World.” Terry summarizes his childhood with salty, cutting interactions experienced while living with his ornery, basketball coaching dad. Immediately out of adolescence he embraced the streets of Queens as his second home where he adopted an “Italian-by-Association” heritage. McNeely finds his comfort zone on stage discussing his bitter disgust for women and married life while mocking husbands everywhere. He commands the stage with a hostile, offensive wit nothing short of Colin Quinn or Dennis Leary. It’s certainly no surprise that the acid humor of Terry McNeely has him rising up the ranks of comedy in leaps and bounds.terry just started working on "the long island comedyfestival", and has appeared on sirius radio's "miserable men show" w/ reverand bob levy.


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