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March 2013
February 2013

Tim Kidd

Pack up the babies, Grab the old ladies, Everyone goes...because from Louisville, Kentucky comes the charming hooligan, Tim Kidd. Easily described as a monkey with ADHD, who needs his Ritalin, a n...
Thu, Feb 28 8:00 PM Fri, Mar 01 8:00 PM Fri, Mar 01 10:30 PM Sat, Mar 02 8:00 PM Sat, Mar 02 10:30 PM
March 2013

Tyrone Davis

Tyrone Davis has entertained audiences all over the country. His "High Energy Take No Prisoners Attitude" has made him a stand-out amoung stand-ups! No matter where he's going you'll surely enjoy the ...
Thu, Mar 07 8:00 PM Fri, Mar 08 8:00 PM Fri, Mar 08 10:30 PM Sat, Mar 09 8:00 PM Sat, Mar 09 10:30 PM

Dave Landau

With hilarious face-paced jokes combined with a laid back style Dave Landau has an act you're sure to enjoy. He has appeared on Comedy Central's "Live at Gotham," 3 seasons of NBC's "Last Comic Standi...
Thu, Mar 14 8:00 PM Fri, Mar 15 8:00 PM Fri, Mar 15 10:30 PM Sat, Mar 16 8:00 PM Sat, Mar 16 10:30 PM

Ron Feingold

Ron Feingold has been a professional touring comedian for 21 years entertaining with his unique "Comedy A Cappella" Show where he combines stand-up comedy and a cappella music by performing all of the...
Thu, Mar 21 8:00 PM Fri, Mar 22 8:00 PM Fri, Mar 22 10:30 PM Sat, Mar 23 8:00 PM Sat, Mar 23 10:30 PM

Al Jackson

Al Jackson is a Los Angeles-based stand-up comedian, writer, and TV/radio personality best known for his 30-minute “Comedy Central Presents: Al Jackson” special, and for his role as host of the BAFTA-...

Credits: Comedy Central,
Thu, Mar 28 8:00 PM Fri, Mar 29 8:00 PM Fri, Mar 29 10:30 PM Sat, Mar 30 8:00 PM Sat, Mar 30 10:30 PM
April 2013

Wise Ass Wednesdays

Join us for an evening of improv and the best of up and coming talent...
Wed, Apr 03 8:00 PM Wed, Apr 10 8:00 PM Wed, Apr 17 8:00 PM Wed, Apr 24 8:00 PM

Mike Stanley

Wry, witty, cunning, & crass. Hot-shot comedian Mike Stanley is all of these things, but none, when put on paper, quite manage to serve the justice dealt by Stanley onstage. Yeah, he’s pretty hilariou...
Thu, Apr 04 8:00 PM Fri, Apr 05 8:00 PM Fri, Apr 05 10:30 PM Sat, Apr 06 8:00 PM Sat, Apr 06 10:30 PM

Jesse Joyce

Jesse has been seen on the inaugural season of Comedy Central's Live At Gotham, and his Live At Gotham segment on Comedy Central's Motherload website remains is the most watched clip this season. Jess...

Credits: Comedy Central,
Thu, Apr 11 8:00 PM Fri, Apr 12 8:00 PM Fri, Apr 12 10:30 PM Sat, Apr 13 8:00 PM Sat, Apr 13 10:30 PM

Saints 'n Sinners

"The Saints and Sinners Comedy" tour is a two man, adult themed, stand-up comedy show that mixes the mainstream, working man’s material of Matthew Lumpkin with the eccentric, ego boosted, flair of Pat...
Thu, Apr 18 8:00 PM Fri, Apr 19 8:00 PM Fri, Apr 19 10:30 PM Sat, Apr 20 8:00 PM Sat, Apr 20 10:30 PM

Steve Burr

Steve Burr has quickly become one of stand-up comedy’s most requested acts with an energetic, fast-paced style that has won him fans everywhere he’s performed. Combining great story telling, everyday...
Thu, Apr 25 8:00 PM Fri, Apr 26 8:00 PM Fri, Apr 26 10:30 PM Sat, Apr 27 8:00 PM Sat, Apr 27 10:30 PM
May 2013

Wise Ass Wednesdays

Join us for an evening of improv and the best of up and coming talent...
Wed, May 01 8:00 PM

Road Rage Comedy Tour

George Gallo is one of those performers that keeps his audiences riveted because they don’t want to miss a thing. Whether he is performing on stage, or directing / producing / acting in a video short...
Thu, May 02 8:00 PM Fri, May 03 8:00 PM Fri, May 03 10:30 PM Sat, May 04 8:00 PM Sat, May 04 10:30 PM

Tommy Thompson

Tommy Thompson has a brand of comedy that is as unique as he is. His emphatic delivery and high energy makes him fun to see time and again. He dishes out the comedy laughs with a distinct style that w...
Thu, May 09 8:00 PM Fri, May 10 8:00 PM Fri, May 10 10:30 PM Sat, May 11 8:00 PM Sat, May 11 10:30 PM

Kris Shaw

It may just be a live microphone in a small spotlight, but when Kris Shaw steps up to it, the experience is unlike anything you’ve come to expect from stand up comedy. Kris is a storyteller who, wi...
Thu, May 16 8:00 PM Fri, May 17 8:00 PM Fri, May 17 10:30 PM Sat, May 18 8:00 PM Sat, May 18 10:30 PM


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